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06 Apr 2015
Blackloading is often touted as a great way to save money on long-haul moves. They give you the chance to use space in a truck that would be otherwise empty. It is a system utilised by many Gold Coast moving companies to hire out space in the back of one of their trucks as they make a return trip after helping a client move. Instead of wasting time driving back from a distant city, the trip can be a profit-making one.

The removal companies you hire for Backloading Removals will treat your items with the same due care that they would provide to the belongings from the original job. The space hired will almost certainly be shared with the belongings of other customers of the removal company. Because of this, it may or may not be the best option to transport a single item and it is always important to ask the removal company. It can definitely save money when transporting multiple pieces of furniture or even the contents from multiple bedrooms compared to a full-service or even self-service move.

There are many benefits to backloading, reduced costs for relocation being the most obvious. There are almost always trucks available to move your items and it is not hard to find one on short notice, making it ideal for last-minute issues. It can be as easy as contacting a large removals operator in the state you are moving to and asking them about the current offers they have for backloading. Another commonly overlooked benefit to backloading is the reduction of large vehicle journeys, lowering your environmental impact, especially when you think about how many Australians move every year.

The idea of Backloading Removals may sound appealing but it is only beneficial on long-haul trips. If you are relocating from one suburb to another, many companies may well not take on the work, especially if they have other client’s belongings in the back of the truck too as it will invariably reduce the timely manner at which they are delivered. So if you have no issue with sharing the truck with other customers and are moving long distance, backloading could be the most suitable option for you.


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