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15 Sep 2015

If you need to have some items moved from one city to another, you may already know that there is a high cost involved with hiring a removals firm to do any kind of job. Even if you only have a couple of boxes that need to be taken to the depot and stored, removals companies might charge you the full price for transport. This is where the alternative idea of backloading comes in. This is a term used to describe hiring a removals van which is returning from a job in one city, and travelling to the city you wish to have goods transported to. You are, essentially, piggy-backing a lift on a return van. There are some advantages to using this method to save money and get your items removed.

How is backloading better than full removals?

Often, when people choose the backloading option, they are seeking to have only one or two boxes of items carried out of a city. These boxes are not enough to fill the van, but hiring a removals truck to get the goods where they need to be means renting out the total storage space within the van. This can prove very costly, and most people would prefer to save up items to send them all in the same van, which is inconvenient. Backloading, on the other hand, means renting out only the space in the van that your boxes need. Other people, also using the backloading option, will rent out the rest of the space. This can be the best solution to transporting goods, rather than using a removals van.

What other details should I know?

When trying to use backloading as a solution to removals, there are some things that you need to consider. Firstly, although backloading can travel to other cities, you need to find a day when a van will be travelling between the cities already - backloading means hiring a removal truck which is travelling back to the other city, after all. Secondly, hiring a backloading truck can also allow you to take advantage of the removal van's warehouse for Cheap Storage in Gold Coast cities. This can allow you to place your moved boxes into the warehouse for several days, so you can travel to the city in your own time, or even get someone else to pick them up for you without having to hurry.

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