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12 Nov 2015

When you want to move, paying for the removal service can be one of the most expensive parts. The process of paying for a delivery service, and also storing it at the other end, can take a big chunk out of your savings, and could put your move on hold while you gather together enough money to pay. This problem is increased by the fact that sometimes you only need to move a few objects from your home in one go. Hiring a full-size removals van at this point is impractical, but there is a simple alternative which could allow you to benefit from free space in rental trucks travelling back to their home base.

How backloading works

The process of hitching a ride for your objects on the back of a removals van that is returning from a full delivery is known as backloading. This means that you pay the company a sum to allow you to put a load onto their van, and the driver will carry it back to the removalists' depot. You only have to pay for the space that you take up on the back of the van. This is considered to be the best way to do it since it offers you the chance to carry some of your property into a new town without having to pay for the cost of a full load.

How to get the best out of backloading

If you want to start backloading into the Gold Coast area, then you need to take a few steps to ensure that you get the best value for money. Firstly, you should ensure that your backloading Gold Coast removalists know exactly what will be in the load. You need to make sure that the removal team can get into your property, and that they will be able to get your objects out of your home easily. They will probably have several calls to backloading customers, so you have to be quick and efficient if you want to get your objects into the van. You don't get a lower rate for easier access, so be as up-front as possible about any potential risks in your home. You may also want to inform the company of any problems with loading zones around the house. Make sure that there is easy access to parking spots, or have the necessary permits available.

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