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11 Feb 2016

Backloading is an increasingly popular method of moving your furniture from one location to another without having to pay for a full removal van. The principle behind backloading is that you want to transport a small item, or perhaps a small crate of items, and renting a whole removal van would be extremely expensive when compared to the value of the item being moved. If you wish to get items moved conveniently, and without great expense, then back loading could be the perfect solution. This is where removal vans that have already travelled to your town carry your goods back to their home town without charging you the full cost of the van. This is good for both removal teams and you, since you save you both expenses.

Avoid leaving empty spaces

When you are packing your goods, it is tempting to leave a lot of space around your items. However, when you are moving items through the backloading system, you need to minimise the space that you use. This could include doing something such as making sure that you don't have empty bottles or tubes inside your items. If you are having large items transported, such as fridges, make sure that there is nothing inside. Fridges and freezers should be allowed to warm up before they are moved. In most cases, it is far better to pack your items into boxes as tightly as possible, or use furniture removals containers or crate in order to increase security. This will help to avoid any risk of damage while you are having the items transferred.

Protect your items

It is also very important to make sure that all of your pieces of furniture are properly protected. If you are backloading from the Gold Coast, then you should make the effort to wrap up your furniture. Items such as tables and chairs, which have previously been flat packed, should be taken apart and placed in boxes, or preferably in the original flat pack container, in order to be better protected. You should never use the flat surface of a piece of furniture, such as a TVR chair, in order to store more items. This could easily lead to the pieces placed on the flat surface being damaged, and it could also damage or large items of furniture. TVs are particularly vulnerable to being damaged in this way.

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