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22 Jun 2016

When you are moving house or downsizing, you may find you simply don't have the space for all of the things you want to keep. One of the common problems with moving house is you have too much furniture to fit in the new property, or a large sofa won't fit through the front door. You can always get rid of that furniture, but if you have plans for it and want to keep hold of it for the minute, then you might consider storing it at a furniture storage unit on the Gold Coast. This is one of the best ways to protect your furniture while still keeping your home free of clutter.

Move furniture before you move house

Pre-storing your furniture is a great way of helping you to make your moving day easier. On a standard removals day, all of the furniture goes into the van, and is taken to the new house at once. You are then faced with the pressure of organising both ends of the move, getting all the furniture taken out of the house and then getting it put straight into the new property. This isn't always practical, and rather than doing this you might choose instead to have your furniture movers on the Gold Coast pick up some of your furniture prior to moving day, taking it straight to their storage facilities. You can then pick up the furniture whenever you like. This helps you to have more control over moving day, and allows you to organise your life more efficiently.

Keeping furniture in storage

Not everyone is able to take all of their old furniture with them when they move to a new property, but that doesn't mean that they want to sell that property. Instead, they should consider putting the furniture into storage. If you are interested, some Gold Coast furniture removals teams offer the opportunity to take furniture into their storage units. This means you can have your furniture picked up at your home, take into the storage unit, and then stored until you require it. This is the best way of making sure you get the space you need in your new home without having to give up any of your pieces of furniture. As long as you continue to pay the storage’s rent, that furniture will always be available to you.

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